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Connie Britton Comments On American Horror Story's Birth Episode

Next week, the first season of American Horror Story wraps up in what is sure to be a twisted conclusion to this very warped, but strangely addicting drama series. Connie Britton shared some interesting tidbits about next week’s finale. The spoilers on next week's episode are vague but read no further if you haven't seen tonight's "Birth" episode!

We’ll have a full report on what went on in “Birth” posted tomorrow. In the meantime, for those of you who were wondering about the babies that were birthed in the episode, TVLine spoke with Connie Britton and the subject of what she gave birth to came up. When asked, “What did you give birth to? We didn’t see its face. Tell me!” Britton responded:

No. Hell no. [Laughs] I’m not ruining it for people. I’m not telling you what I gave birth to. If they didn’t show you in the episode, I’m definitely not telling you. It will all be revealed [in next week's finale].

I’m under the assumption that the baby that lived, and the one referenced above is the Tate baby. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what a baby that’s half-human, half-ghost/rubber-man looks like.

Meanwhile, Britton sounds excited to be joining the ghosts among the house, saying, “The ghosts have all the fun!” She also offered some hints as to what newly-dead Vivien will be up to next week. What she says is vague but could be considered a spoiler given what seems like the obvious theory, so take that for what it’s worth before reading on...

“Here’s what I will say about the last episode: Vivien’s goal is to bring the family together. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Because ghosts need family, too.”

Does “bringing the family together” mean killing Ben? Or convincing him to kill himself? That seems to be the obvious way to do that. If so, is Vivien really prepared to spend what could be an eternity with her husband and his mistress? Hayden’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon, so Vivien’s sort of stuck with her either way. No way around that, that we know of anyway, short of the “Go away” technique that Violet used on Tate tonight.

Maybe there is a way out for the ghosts. Britton says it’s always been her understanding that she’s only doing one season of the series (but it's "all up in the air"). So it's possible that either Vivien’s going to fade into the woodwork with some of the lesser seen ghosts in the house, or perhaps “bringing the family together” means she’ll find some way out of the house, either to a more permanent afterlife or off the property. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Read Britton’s full interview with TVLine here.

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