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Da Vinci's Demons New Trailer Teases Romance, Adventure And Florence

Starz has offered up a number of updates recently, among which is word that production has begun on their upcoming new series from Michael Bay, Black Sails. Starz also announced the official premiere date for Da Vinci's Demons, which we shared with you the other day. Now we have the new trailer for David S. Goyer's new historical fantasy drama, which shows us Leonardo Da Vinci as portrayed by Tom Riley.

As we reported just yesterday, David S. Goyer's Da Vinci's Demons premieres April 12. That seems a bit far away, but fortunately we'll have the final season of Starz's other historical fantasy series Spartacus: War of the Damned to tide us over, right? While Da Vinci's Demons does appear to feature some violence, based on what we've seen of it so far in the trailer below and the previously released footage, it looks like this one will be less about the fighting and more about Da Vinci's adventures, romances and imaginative endeavors.

Adventure, romance and beautiful Firenze! There's certainly plenty of reason to anticipate this new series. I doubt anything could truly fill the void left by Spartacus when the series wraps up later this year, but as a Starz subscriber, I'm hopeful that Da Vinci's Demons will be as good as it looks and yet another reason to appreciate Starz original programming. And then there's also Black Sails to look forward to!

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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