Damon Lindelof Bags On Lost's Third Season Via Twitter

The relationship between show creators and their audience members is a peculiar one these days. Thanks to the advent of social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, creative types are able to have direct interactions with the fans in a way that would have been impossible not too long ago. Unfortunately, this is a two-edged sword: you may get your ego stroked by gushing fans, but you're also going to have to face their ire when you take the show in a direction they don't like. Nobody knows this better than Damon Lindelof, who kept up a constant online presence throughout Lost's tumultuous run. Thankfully, Lindelof has developed a self-deprecating sense of humor about the whole thing, as exemplified earlier this month when he complained about the L.A.'s weather by comparing it to Lost's third season. (For the record, that's the one that gave us Nikki and Paulo, easily the most hated Lost-ies of all time.)

Lindelof's good-natured dig at his own show apparently resonated quite a bit with some of his fellow show creators. Soon both Bill "Scrubs" Lawrence and Shonda "Grey's Anatomy" Rhimes weighed in with their own regrets about shows that didn't work, or didn't work as well as they could have. You can check out some of the back-and-forth in the image below. And hey, now we know how Lindelof spends all that filthy Lost lucre!