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Earlier this week Netflix released a new trailer for Daredevil that gave closer looks at characters like Foggy Nelson, Claire Temple and most notably main antagonist Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin. This trailer and the previous one have given fans a good glimpse of the gritty MCU entry, but as good trailers for movies will do, these Daredevil promos are deliberately hiding most of the good content, leaving plenty for fans to be surprised by when they start binge-watching it.

Kingpin actor Vincent D’Onofrio enthusiastically told Uproxx that though the trailers have reminded him of the great work that the cast and crew did, they haven’t gotten even close to showing what’s in store for the 13-episodes series. Said D’Onofrio:
There’s so much that you guys don’t know what you’re going to get. There’s so much in our show. And there’s so much they’re not giving away. I mean, it gets so intense and so emotional. It’s really quite something. It goes to places you would never think it goes because of what Jeph Loeb and Steven DeKnight wanted to do. It really does.

The two trailers barely add up to five minutes of content, and many of the same scenes could be found in both previews. There’s still hours of content that fans get to be surprised by when the show is released next month, and it’s great that tge Marvel folks have been wise about what they show to the public. There’s nothing worse than a preview for a movie or TV series that accidentally spoils something that needs to be discovered by actually watching the story.

Take D’Onofrio’s character as an example. Kingpin has been said to be equally important to the series as the titular hero, and a significant portion of his story will revolve around his relationship with Vanessa Marianna. However, there’s still a lot we don’t know about Kingpin’s plans for Hell’s Kitchen or what will specifically draw him into conflict with Daredevil. As for Daredevil himself, there’s still plenty of exciting content to see on his end, from the origin of his superpowers to his training with Stick to his brawl with Kingpin. Let’s also not forget all the characters we haven’t even seen yet, such as the minor players announced yesterday.

D’Onofrio also commented that working on Daredevil is akin to working on a 13-hour film, rather than a traditional TV series. That allows them to create a deep and emotional story while also delivering that Marvel superhero dynamic necessary for the MCU. As for a Kingpin appearance on one of the other Netflix shows, D’Onofrio isn’t sure whether he will be returning, but if Marvel has something in the planning stages, they’ll tell him eventually.

Netflix will release all 13 Daredevil episodes on Friday, April 10.

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