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But what about everyone else? That's probably the question a lot of us were asking after last night's mid-season premiere episode of The Walking Dead. While "After" filled us in on what's going on with three of the main characters, we were left in the dark as to how everyone else is doing in the wake of the prison exodus. But the preview for next Sunday's "Inmates" suggests those blanks will be filled in soon enough.

Glenn and Maggie are in distress, while Tyrese and Sasha have to figure out what to do next. They're not the only ones. From this clip, it looks like Beth and Daryl are on their own. Daryl seems tired, while Beth is determined to find her sister and the rest of their people...

It's comforting that Beth has Daryl with her, as it seems like the two may compliment one another. She'll motivate him and he'll keep her alive. That might be enough to get the two of them back to the rest of the group, or to the house where Rick, Carl and presumably Michonne are staying.

In the meantime, Glenn looks like he's in trouble, and I've already gone on record as saying I'm growing concerned about Steven Yeun's character. On one hand, I can't imagine the writers would kill Glenn off so soon after Hershel's death. That seems like it would be a lot to lay at Maggie's feet in one short time span. Even Rick got some time to heal between Lori's death and Judith's. It just seems like Steven Yeun's been featured especially prominently during AMC's promotions for the series' mid-season return, including these videos:

Of course, we could chalk the very Glenn/Yeun-heavy promotional content up to Glenn being a popular character and possibly Yeun's availability to be featured in the videos and other promotional material. Still, it makes me nervous. Or just paranoid. Either way, stay safe Glenn!

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The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. Et on AMC.

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