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Daryl And Carol Are Reunited In New Walking Dead Photo


When The Walking Dead returns next month, all types of shit will be hitting the fan, one that isn’t even working since we’re in a post-electric world. Showrunner Scott Gimple and comic creator Robert Kirkman have been promising fans that Season 5 is going to be the most vicious and action-packed season yet, jumping almost immediately into the aftermath of Season 4’s finale. AMC released a slew of new photos that give us a good idea of what many of the characters will look like in the days ahead, only without giving us a sign of what they’ll be going through just beforehand.

Perhaps the most enlightening of all the new images is the one seen above, featuring the reunion of Daryl and Carol, who are looking away pensively, focusing on what is most certainly a tragedy of some kind. Or two maybe. They’re in or around the train yard, so that’s a good sign that Carol catches up to Rick’s group while they’re still around Terminus headquarters. Will they danger be gone by the time they meet up, or will it be worse? There’s another image in the gallery below of Carol holding Judith, and we know from previous teasers that Judith and Rick are reunited. Maybe one happy thing can finally happen in this show.

Bu-u-ut, things always get worse. Just ask Daryl and Glenn, in this shot from the Season 5 opener. They look like they're ready to have a grand old time.


Hopefully Daryl's got one of his several trusty weapons with him in that situation. He's ready to go in the gallery photo below.


How about we end this thing on a grimy ass walker with cheekbones deep enough to swim in?


No sign of Bob here. What could that mean? Nothing probably. Or maybe everything. There's no Michonne either. The Walking Dead is genuinely solid at surprising audiences with spontaneous character deaths. No one is safe. I heard a wise man say that one time. No wait, it was just Rick.

Will Rick and the others put a quick end to Gareth and his band of Terminus body-munchers? Or will Terminus give a few of the other survivors a quick trip to eternal salvation? Find out when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 12. But first, check out the rest of these images in the gallery below.

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