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Tonight's episode of Arrow is a big one. In the latest preview for "Deathstroke," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says "everything is heightened" and "all the stakes are huge." And however this episode ends, Arrow will "never be the same." Is that an exaggeration? Or should we brace ourselves for a shocking conclusion?

We know from the end of "Birds of Prey" that Slade gave Thea a ride, essentially kidnapping her, a fact she seems to realize in the preview when we see her telling Slade this isn't her home. The "Inside Arrow" preview seems to indicate that Summer Glau's character Isabel will be involved with the search for Thea. We also see this...

Thea screen

Which looks like it's part of the big ransom video... assuming there's ransom. Maybe it's just a message to Oliver from Slade confirming that he has Thea. But what exactly is he demanding? We know he's on a quest for vengeance, but is he making that public knowledge? Because it looks like that's some kind of campaign event for Moira.

Back to Isabel, Guggenheim teases that her relationship with Oliver will be taken to unexpected territory. And if you want to know more about that, you need only to look closely at the original trailer for "Deathstroke," as there's a pretty big clue about the nature of that territory in it. But I expect there's even more to that story than those quick scenes reveal, so we'll have to wait and see.

Finally, there's he mention that "Team Arrow suffers a very devastating loss as a result of this episode." Does that mean someone will die during "Deathstroke"? Or will they leave? It's tricky wording there. Loss doesn't necessarily mean death. And "as a result of" doesn't mean "during" either. Tonight's episode may end up being set-up for that major loss. Or maybe I'm over-reading Guggenheim's statement. What is evident is that "Deathstroke" will be a major episode and though it's not the finale, we should expect it to end with some kind of game-changer.

Here's the original "Deathstroke" trailer...

And you can watch that video in LEGO form here, because what else are you going to do between now and when the episode airs?

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET on CW.

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