Glee may normally dominate the headlines when it comes to A-list guest stars, but the musical comedy is hardly the first or last program to fill its weekly ranks with big names. There are certain shows that just attract talent. Back in the day, scores of stars guested on Columbo to get their chance to play a murderer (or victim), and it seems like every time I turn on Yo Gabba Gabba, Jack Black or Andy Samberg or the highly underrated Biz Markie is teaching me how to do something cool. Law And Order: SVU may not let its stars sing about green beans or not biting their friends, but it does, none the less, have the same magnetic effect. Last season, Carol Burnett showed up during sweeps for a memorable, Emmy-nominated turn, and this year the police procedural has another big name lined up.

According to TV Guide, Debra Messing has signed on for a juicy February sweeps role that will see her play a TV news journalist caught in the cross hairs of a dangerous stalker. Obviously, Detective Benson will be there to try and keep the pervert in check. Not much is known about the perp, but many, including Messing’s character, suspect he may be out for revenge as she recently busted a slew of pedophiles in a high profile sting.

Law And Order: SVU may not be quite as popular as during its heyday, but it still remains one of the more consistent, well-written dramas. We’ll get back to you with more specific information once we find out exactly when the episode will air.

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