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Desperate Housewives Recap: The Coffee Cup

Drea de Matteo is great, but Angie Bolen gets on my nerves. But I love her to death this week when she gives Nick total crap for his indiscretions. When Julie tries to make small talk, Angie reminds her that when you bang someone’s husband, you don’t do chit-chat. You avoid eye contact, you blush, and you buy them a cappuccino.

Gaby is tired of the battles involved in homeschooling Juanita. She attempts to bribe a priest to get her into Catholic school – but her only hope is a child moving or withdrawing. It just so happens that Lynette’s assistant has a daughter in said school and Carlos’ company has an opening in Miami. How fortunate…until Lynette realizes the guy who was going to hold the fort while she's on maternity leave is leaving himself. She and Tom step in, with horror stories about alligators and forgotten executives. Gaby catches wind that Lynette interfered with her plans, and thus finds out that Lynette’s got a couple of buns in the oven. Gaby rightly feels betrayed, and storms out. Carlos offers Lynette the job in Miami, and tells her that if she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t have a job.

Susan gets her day in court for shooting Katherine, and ends up with some community service. Katherine stops by to gloat, litters, and ends up with Community Service herself. She eventually has a breakdown, admits defeat, and cries that she’ll never find a man to “make love” to her five times in one day. Susan, of course, has never had Mike that many times in one day, so she sets out to break that record.

In spite of being cheated on herself, Angie helps Bree out when Orson admits to Angie that he thinks Bree is cheating. Angie watches Bree, and realizes that she is, in fact, cheating – and for some reason she helps Bree. She also tells Bree that she better make a choice. Bree claims that the sex is what keeps her coming back to Carl – but Orson loves Opera as much as she does. She just can’t decide.

While Angie’s busy making friends, Nick is busying planning to turn himself but only if he is 100% sure that Angie gets a free pass. He makes the fateful call from an untraceable cell phone in the local coffee shop. The barista may or may not have overheard what he said, but he leaves anyway. As she’s closing up the shop, someone comes in and she asks if they forgot something. It’s whoever attacked Julie – cause he/she does the same thing to the barista. Was it Nick? Or was Angie watching from the bushes and taking out the competition?