Desperate Housewives Season 8 And Complete Series DVDs Hit Homes Next Week

The lovely ladies of Wisteria Lane had a long run on ABC, but after eight seasons, it was time to give the lane with so many secrets a final farewell. Season 8 didn’t disappoint, with relationship changes and even a murderous cover-up, and ABC Studios has prepared to officially ship the show off in fine fashion. Desperate Housewives: The Complete Eighth and Final Season and Desperate Housewives: The Complete Collection will both hit DVD on September 25.

The Complete Eighth and Final Season looks to be a bittersweet set that will come with a slew of bonus features for fans. The most poignant extra should be “I Guess This is Goodbye,” a segment that features cast members as they talk about various memories on set. Those sort of emotional extras always put me in a weird place, especially when they are featured on discs for shows that are often humorous or irreverent, like Desperate Housewives. If the sad goodbye segment isn’t your thing, the 5-Disc DVD will also come with plenty of lighter fare, listed in full at the bottom of the page.

For the diehard fans—or those who haven’t yet purchased past seasons—ABC Studios has put together Desperate Housewives: The Complete Collection, a full-series set that will come in a super cute steamer trunk (Yes, like Mary Alice’s). The set will come with all 179 episodes from the entire series, as well as a full disc of bonus features for fans.

The set will feature plenty of the nostalgic, “looking back” extras, that probably would have been perfect for the Season 8 release. In particular, “The End of the Lane: Last Days on Set,” which looks at the last few days of shooting the series finale, and “Desperately Dead,” which takes a look at all of the characters who have died or been killed off in the show over the years, would be perfect editions to the Season 8 pack. Instead, you’ll have to buy the whole series to get the pretty sweet bonus disc of extras. Hopefully, you have managed to wait and won't be re-purchasing any DVD seasons with the full series set.

The Complete Eighth and Final Season Extras

  • “I Guess This Is Goodbye”
  • “Episode 823 “Finishing The Hat” Commentary with Marc Cherry”
  • “Deleted Scenes”
  • “Bloopers”

The Complete Series Extras

  • “The End of the Lane: Last Days on Set”
  • “Curtain Call: The Desperate Housewives Family “
  • “Cherry Cameo”
  • “Desperately Dead”
  • “Desperately Dangerous “
  • “Wisteria Lane Mystery Club”
  • “Karen & Roberta Show”