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Dexter's Sam Underwood Headed To The Following

Is Zach Hamilton the next Dexter? That's a question that remains to be answered during the final season of Dexter. It was really only just posed during Sunday night's episode - if you're not caught up, consider yourselves spoiler-warned! - as Dexter stalked the young murderer and plotted to kill him before eventually deciding to take the lad under his wing and be his Harry. Whether or not that works out remains to be seen. My money's on this experiment crashing and burning, but we'll see. In the meantime, actor Sam Underwood has already lined up his next potentially creepy role. He's signed on as a series regular for The Following's second season.

One thing Underwood's proven in Dexter is that he knows how to play up the quiet-creeper act. Never mind his handsome, almost boyish good looks. Comb the hair to the side and set the eye-stare to 'dead' and you have a guy that looks like the sight of a bloody murder scene just might light him up like a kid at Christmas. Whether or not this act proves useful to Underwood in The Following is unknown. TVLine says Underwood will play Luke in the Fox suspenseful and occasionally melodramatic drama series. The character is described as "a very complicated and dangerous young man who may or may not be a follower of the 'late' Joe Caroll."

Other than that and the mention that he's a series regular, details on Luke are slim. TVline notes that Underwood's character is one of three new roles Kevin Williamson plans to introduce in the second season of The Following, which is set to debut sometime during Midseason 2014.

As mentioned, Underwood's been creeping it up on Dexter this season, so The Following seems like the next natural step for the actor, if he's looking to make a name for himself in suspenseful series, possibly playing handsome but unnerving roles. One thing I noticed during last Sunday's episode of Dexter was just how "normal" Zach acted when he was surrounded by blood. And by normal, I mean happy and relaxed. The intention there was probably to show us that dark and bloody scenarios really light up his board, but looking at the actor, it's an indication that his range extends beyond playing characters that make you uncomfortable. So it's not guaranteed that he'll be a cult member (former or present) in The Following, but it wouldn't be terrible casting if it was.

TVLine also notes that Underwood's set to play a "troubled friend" of Dana's in the upcoming third season of Homeland. Because if there's one thing Dana needs, it's a troubled friend, right?

With Dexter on its way out, it's not a spoiler to know that any of the actors in the Showtime drama's current season are lining up other roles. But I'm still convinced Underwood will end up (back) on Dexter's table before the season's out.

Zach Dexter

(The above photo is from Sunday night's "A Little Reflection".)

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