There are just two episodes left of Dexter's seventh season, and a couple of major issues to be resolved, the first of which is Hannah, and the second, the investigation LaGuerta is doing on the Bay Harbor Butcher case, which has led her to suspect Dexter. The clips we have to show you from "Do You See What I See" address both of these topics.

First up, we have Tom talking to Dexter about the things LaGuerta has connected him with in relation to the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation.

LaGuerta may have made a crucial error here in trusting Tom to talk to Dexter about this situation. Tom is basically handing over everything LaGuerta has on him, which could give Dexter an advantage when trying to deal with this situation. Tom seemed doubtful about LaGuerta's suggested evidence, but the fact that he's addressing it with Dexter makes me think maybe part of him, at the very least, needs some answers.

Meanwhile, it looks like Hannah's making an effort to reach out to Deb.

Of course, Deb's not accepting the olive branch. She doesn't trust Hannah and she has enough reason not to. But maybe Deb could consider pretending to go along with the truce? Outright stating that she wants to protect Dexter from her puts her directly at odds with Hannah, who has a tendency to kill people who get in her way. And the preview for this Sunday's episode hints that she may be up to her old tricks again as Deb gets into a car accident. Or is Deb trying to set Hannah up to "prove" to Dexter that she's dangerous and force him to choose a side. Regardless, would Dexter choose Hannah over Deb? I'd like to think so, but he seems to be making some questionable decisions lately (killing Hannah's father), so who knows?

Dexter airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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