Dexter's weaving a tangled web for himself, mixing business with pleasure in more ways than one this season. The new clips we have to show you from this Sunday night's episode of Dexter ("Chemistry") show his choices catching up with him as he deals with the morning after.

Spoilers if you haven't seen last Sunday's episode of Dexter ("Do the Wrong Thing")!

Remember how Dexter almost killed Hannah but then decided to have steamy kill-table sex with her? Well, this first clip from this Sunday's "Chemistry" shows the morning after, as Dexter takes Hannah home from their "date."

Yeah, so the horse tranquilizer, the plastic wrap and the knife was just a misunderstanding. Whether or not Hannah's actually a murderer (signs point to that being the case, but she still hasn't admitted to it), her experience with Randall has likely contributed to her calmness on the ride back home. But how will she and Dexter proceed from there? We'll see.

This next clip appears to be from not long after the car ride home, assuming Dexter is still in his car after dropping Hannah off. And wouldn't you know it? Writer Sal Price just happens to be there to witness the two of them together.

This is not good. But at the very least, Dexter knew he was busted and was able to do some quick thinking to handle the situation - as opposed to being witnessed by Price and not realizing it. And he has fresh and exclusive Randall information to barter in exchange for Sal's silence. Good thinking, Dexter! It's still not good that this guy is snooping around.

Dexter airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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