Things took an interesting turn during last night's episode of Dexter. The preview for next week's "Chemistry" hints at things getting even more tangled in Dexter's life. Have things always been this complicated for him? Or is Deb's knowledge of who Dexter is making things even trickier than usual?

Last night's "Do the Wrong Thing" had Dexter doing the wrong thing. Ok, killing Hannah wasn't the best idea, but sleeping with her might have been an even worse choice. Judging by the way Deb reacted to Dexter's relationship with Lumen, I can only imagine how she'll react when she learns Dexter is sleeping with Hannah.

Of course, Dexter doesn't yet know that Deb suspects Hannah of anything beyond her claimed involvement in Randall's murders. How could he know that while he was taking Hannah out on their kill-date, Deb was going on her own date with Sal Price, a guy who's trying to prove Hannah's a murderer? Maybe because he had a conversation with Sal Price that indicated that the guy was actively investigating Hannah and also interested in Deb? And because he dug through the guy's computer and found even more evidence that Sal was onto Hannah?

The fact that Dexter seems to be going out of his way to underestimate the threat Deb is to him if she gives up on trying to support him is bugging me, the more I think about it. He should be steering clear of Miami Metro Homicide cases right now, not diving face first into things his sister is involved in. Does he think Deb doesn't have a breaking point? Or is he so sure he can lie his way out of every situation that he thinks he can proceed around/through Deb rather than trying to instill confidence in her?

The preview for next week's episode shows just how complicated things are getting, with a confrontation between Dexter and Sal, and some pretty major hints that things with Dexter and Hannah are just getting started.

The sight of Dexter in bed with Hannah while Deb's on the phone with him telling him "There has to be some fucking justice" makes me very worried for Dexter. And, this could be just a trick of editing for the preview, but it also looks like Sal witnessed Dexter and Hannah kissing. We then saw Dexter telling Hannah he's going to take care of Sal. Is Dexter going to break the code and kill Sal? Or does he have something else planned? This is getting very messy! And then there's Isaak, who has Quinn to thank (or pay off) for helping him get out of prison. One more issue for Dexter to deal with.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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