Spoilers if you're not caught up on Dexter through Season 7! In less than a week, Dexter will return for its eighth and final season. That means the writers have just twelve episode to close out this story, and given where last season left off, we know at least some time will need to be dedicated to the fallout over LaGuerta's death. From what we've seen so far, the above preview included, Deb isn't in the best shape mentally and emotionally when Season 8 picks up.

Everyone has their limits. For Deb, it seems like murder may have been that limit. Everything we know about Jennifer Carpenter's character told us that she was proud to be a cop, but she put that aside when she learned that her brother was a serial killer. Maybe it was knowing that Dexter had Harry's support, in some way, that allowed her to adjust her own code of ethics and morals to help her brother. But that only went as far as covering up his crimes and keeping his secret. Season 7 left off with her facing the choice of letting her brother get caught or killing LaGuerta. She chose to kill LaGuerta, not only making her a murderer, but also a cop killer. So it's no surprise that the previews have revealed a very unraveled looking Deb.

The preview has Deb talking about how Dexter needed her. It seems she finally sees how much Dexter used her, and it's caused her relationship with her brother to deteriorate. We know Dexter has strong feelings for Deb, but I don't think we can fault her for being angry at Dexter. Spoiler alert: Season 8 will see Deb no longer sporting a badge, and instead, earning a living working for a private detective played by Sean Patrick Flanery. Catch a glimpse of him here.

Meanwhile, the preview above also shows us a creepy shot of Charlotte Rampling's character Dr. Vogel picking away at a brain as she points out that, "Serial killers don't have enemies. Everyone's a potential victim." Spoiler alert: Not only does she know a bit about serial killers, but she also knows a thing or two about Dexter and his code, as she was involved in developing it along with Harry.

Here's a video featuring Rampling as she talks about her character Dr. Evelyn Vogel…

Is Dr. Vogel going to be able to help Dexter? Or will she be part of his undoing?

Dexter returns Sunday, June 30 on Showtime.

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