Dexter Superfan Murders Friend, Dismembers Her Body

A 17-year-old boy in Britain has been sentenced to twenty-five years in jail for the savage murder of his female friend. His attorney told the court his client was obsessed with the serial killer drama Dexter and wanted to emulate him.

16-year-old Steven Miles was diagnosed with autism early on. According to The Mirror, he was often teased, but he was befriended by 17-year-old Elizabeth Thomas, who said she wasn’t like the other girls and saw something him. Unfortunately, that closeness ultimately got her killed, as Miles’ alter ego, “Ed”, allegedly told him to murder the poor girl while they were hanging out in his room.

He reportedly stabbed her though the head and chest, then used complicated saws from his family’s tree maintenance business to dismember the body. He cut off both of her legs and one of her arms, placing each in plastic wrap and then larger bags. He covered the rest of the body in a green plastic garden sheet. The wheels came off the devious plan about an hour into it, however, when Steven’s sister came home and he cryptically told her “Ed made me do something bad.”

The attorney for Steven Miles spent a lot of time in court pointing the finger at Dexter, as well as some violent movies his client was into, but clearly, there was something deeply disturbed inside the boy that had nothing to do with any one particular show or movie. In fact, the judge told the court he would have sentenced the boy to life in prison had he not been a minor when the terrifying atrocity was committed.

Dexter ran from 2006 until 2013. It starred Michael C Hall as a blood spatter analyst and serial killer who channels his inner demons, or Dark Passenger, into murdering people who he thinks deserve it. In order to prevent forensic identification and for ease of disposal, he covers everything in plastic wrap, then dismembers the body and dumps the parts in the ocean.

Steven Miles isn’t the first person to murder someone and point the finger at Dexter. Several high profile cases have happened in the past, including one involving a woman. None of the finger-pointing has ever worked, and it clearly didn’t in this case either.

TV Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the family and friends of Elizabeth Thomas as they grieve her loss.

Mack Rawden
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