Dexter Watch: Season 7, Episode 11: Do You See What I See?

Tonight's episode of Dexter had the title character focused on the future, which is kind of funny, given how much of this season has dwelled on the past. Dredging up the Bay Harbor Butcher story arc has worked in the series' favor this season and tonight's "Do You See What I See?" took that a step further with one very interesting twist.

"It wasn't the universe giving me a gift. It was LaGuerta."

Genius! You have to give LaGuerta credit. If she couldn't tie Dexter to the crimes Doakes was blamed for, what better way to prove he's a killer than to free a man she knows Dexter would want dead, then follow that man around until Dexter's inner monster revealed itself. And Dexter nearly fell for it. In fact, he did, up until Hector Estrada brought up LaGuerta helping him get released from prison.

Estrada is the last surviving men of the three who killed Dexter's mother. A matter Dexter was prepared to remedy by cutting him into six roughly-equal pieces with a chainsaw. He even set the kill room up in a storage container-like setting, similar to the one where Dexter took a blood-bath when he was just a toddler. But the moment Estrada brought up LaGuerta, Dexter realized he'd walked into a trap and only just managed to escape. Unfortunately, Estrada did too, so that mess is bound to surface sooner or later.

It seemed like too much of a coincidence that Estrada should be released from prison during this time in the series when LaGuerta made the connection between the cabin where Doakes died and the criminal who owned it (one of the other three men who killed Dexter's mother). But, I'll admit, I didn't even consider that LaGuerta was setting Dexter up until Estrada mentioned her involvement in his release. Before that, there was only some vague concern that LaGuerta might be tailing Dexter, hoping to catch him in the act, much in the way Doakes once tailed Dexter.

All of this happened after Tom had a chat with Dexter, which actually helped tip Dexter off that he was being pursued and allowed him the opportunity to plant evidence to explain why Dexter moved his boat during the BHB investigation. While Tom was satisfied with Dexter's story and the evidence that backed it up, LaGuerta obviously wasn't, and she was willing to spring a drug dealer and a murderer from prison to do prove herself right. As much as I sympathize with LaGuerta for what she's trying to do - especially because I was never a fan of Doakes being branded a serial killer - getting Estrada out of prison just to prove Dexter's a murderer is some shady business. Then again, as Tom reminded us tonight, she's always been good at playing the game. And ethics haven't ever been one of LaGuerta's strengths.

So Estrada's out there and LaGuerta is still as convinced as ever that Dexter's the BHB. Maybe more so now that she's stood inside what was meant to be one of his kill rooms. Hannah And Her Issues

The episode had Dexter envisioning himself growing old with Hannah. (This flash-forward included having a son who actually talks!) Of course, Deb has other ideas for her brother's future, and they don't include Hannah. Deb and Hannah had a chat during which Hannah attempted to appeal to Deb and Deb flat-out said she'd do anything to protect her brother. Later, Deb was almost killed in a car accident due to an overdose of anti-anxiety medication.

On the surface, one would surmise that Hannah tried to poison Deb to get her out of the way. Deb suggested that very theory from her hospital bed and Dexter brushed it off. But he was suspicious, which led him to confront Hannah and she made a good point, that if she wanted Deb dead, she'd be dead. And it's kind of true. Hannah's modus operandi is poison, not prescription drugs, right? And she's gotten away with poisoning people to death before, so why switch to pills and take the chance that Deb would survive?

So we're left to wonder what hasn't occurred to Dexter yet: That Deb may have drugged herself in an effort to frame Hannah. Of course, doing this was a major risk in that she could have really OD'ed or else died in the car accident. But she did say she'd do whatever it took to protect her brother. Maybe this was her drastic measure to get him to see reason and force him to question just how safe he (or Harrison) would ever be with Hannah.

What's kind of funny is the way Deb seems to be so concerned for Dexter's wellbeing, knowing Hannah's a killer, but she doesn't seem to be asking herself whether she's in any danger around Dexter. He too is a killer, after all.

We don't know for sure whether Hannah poisoned Deb or Deb poisoned herself. But Dexter did eventually come to the decision to turn Hannah in. After the lab revealed that there was a ton of anti-anxiety medicine in Deb's water, Dexter gave Deb Sal Price's pen, which was essentially the murder weapon, as Hannah put poison on it.

So Hannah's arrested, but there's one episode left, and another unresolved issue. Arlene Schramm is Hannah's old camp-pal and witness to Hannah's murder of the counselor who was "putting his hands on" them. She didn't seem keen on turning Hannah in, but maybe now that Hannah's already arrested, she will if it means protecting her family? This situation is definitely not wrapped up, and the previews for next week (spoiler alert!) reveal that Hannah knows that Deb knows what Dexter is. Plus, Hannah knows what Dexter is! How much does she know and would any of it be enough to get Dexter into major trouble?

We know she knows a thing or two about immunity deals. What if Hannah decides she'll trade information about Dexter for a reduced sentence or something? After all, Sal Price is just one body. The camp counselor would be two. Dexter's a serial killer though, with dozens of murders to his name, many of which Doakes was blamed for. Hannah was code-friendly, and yet Dexter had her arrested instead of killing her. A fact Hannah even pointed out as she was being hauled away. Now we're forced to wonder what he was thinking? Was that his way of being merciful? And will it seriously backfire on him?

In other news...

Quinn found out that Nadia took off for Vegas. I'm sure he's heartbroken, but I bet a lot of guys wouldn't mind having their Dear John letter paraphrased to them by a topless dancer. So, there's that.

Masuka was trying to get a secret santa going at the precinct, but his adorable hat and elf ears weren't putting anyone in the Christmas spirit.

Batista says he's going to retire and work full-time at his restaurant starting at the end of the year. Is it really going to happen?

Questions left for next week:

Will Hannah turn Dexter in?

Will LaGuerta finally prove Dexter's the Bay Harbor Butcher?

Will this season end with Dexter arrested or on the run?

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