Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Will Hit DVD In June

Drop Dead Diva has earned a second life on Lifetime, thanks to a deal made with Sony Pictures Television after the series was cancelled post Season 4. The Season 4 finale left things wide open for a fifth season, and didn’t offer anything in the way of closure for its characters, so it's a good thing the show will be back. However, if you haven’t caught the epic finale or some of the Season 4 episodes, don’t worry, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing Drop Dead Diva: The Complete Fourth Season to DVD on June 18.

Drop Dead Diva Season 4 DVD

Season 4 of Drop Dead Diva offered weddings and deaths, plenty of ridiculous court cases (including a woman who ate her husband’s ashes), Nancy Grace, plenty of the “real” Jane, and more plotlines involving the Pakery. The surprise finale left things wide open for Season 5 and if you haven’t caught at least that episode, I’d highly suggest doing so. That is, of course, unless you’ve never watched the series.

While The Complete Fourth Season will only be available on DVD, there will be several bonus features with the set, including outtakes and deleted scenes. Additionally, all 13 Season 4 episodes will be available with the set. You can pre-order the DVD over at Amazon or keep an eye out for the title to hit shelves.

Drop Dead Diva currently has no official premiere date set for Season 5, but according to Sony Home Entertainment’s press releases, the series will return this summer. Stay tuned for further updates concerning the new episodes or keep an eye out via Drop Dead Diva’s Facebook page.

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