ABC has added a couple of new dramas to the development slate, one a medical drama based on the Walter Reed Medical Center, the other a legal drama about two women starting their own law firm. Warriors, the Walter Reed project, comes from Southland director/producer Chris Chulack, while the legal drama, Grievances is written by a team of actual female lawyers who apparently find writing to be a more lucrative career.

Deadline says Chulack (ER) is working on the medical drama with Steven Baigelman, who also worked on another ABC project, The Oath. Warriors will follow the medical staff at a Walter Reed-like hospital that cares for wounded soldiers out of Afghanistan, veterans, high ranking military staff as well as the men and women of power in the government. The state-of-the-art medical center allows them to practice cutting edge medicine on important and powerful people, all while attempting to keep their personal lives on track.

Grievances, written by the team of Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price, is about two women who get the shaft from their male bosses and decide to strike out on their own, forming a legal firm. One woman is single while the other has three children, and the plot would explore not just their professional lives as lawyers but their personal lives as well as they become intertwined with a serious lack of professional boundaries. Millard and Price, who wrote Disney’s The Game Plan together are certainly the right women for the job – the two met in law school but turned to writing when they decided they didn’t actually want to practice law. Hope the writing is paying those law school bills.

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