Elena's Uncle Looks Like David Anders On The Vampire Diaries

David Anders will be pulling double-duty this spring, assuming he's still alive by then on FOX's 24 -- which isn't a safe assumption by any means. The actor known for roles on Alias and Heroes is set to join The CW's hit The Vampire Diaries for a multi-episode arc, according to Zap2It. He'll be playing the uncle of main characters Elena and Jeremy.

It's a role that could have the potential to be a recurring one, though again we have to add the caveat "assuming he's still alive." Not a lot has been exploreda bout Elena and Jeremy's extended family beyond their young aunt who stepped up to take care of them. Most of the focus has been on the Salvatore brothers.

I guess, now that they know they've already been renewed for next season, they can stretch out a little and slow down the pace of Damon's obsessive quest to find and resurrect Katherine. As much as the vampire boys' history is fascinating, it would be nice to take a little time to learn more about Mystic Falls in the modern era, as well as Elena's family.

Perhaps Uncle Anders could shed some light on Elena's true lineage. Perhaps we'll find out he's a vampire too and he has been since Feudal Japan when he was a samura warrior named-- No, I think I'm getting my shows mixed up there.

Anders is one of those actors who always manages to do good work when he does land a meaty role, though he hasn't had much luck lately in surviving his various series projects. He might survive the season of 24 only to have the show canceled, though even if he did his character would be unlikely to be relevant in future episodes. Maybe, if his character on Diaries resonates with fans, he could finally find a more permanent television home. He's far too talented to relegate to guest role status indefinitely.