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Eliza Dushku Joins The Saint Backdoor Pilot

Eliza Dushku has landed herself a new television gig. The Leap Year and Dollhouse actress has joined the remake of the popular past British TV series The Saint, a backdoor pilot that will pitch to the networks after shooting. The actress often plays a tough figure, but this time around, she’ll play a character living out a romance.

Dushku is set to play Patricia Holm, a young woman who has a rocky relationship with Simon Templar, the criminally-inclined star of The Saint. Just a few days ago, we reported Hunted's Adam Raynor was set to star in the pilot, and his character is based on the Roger Moore TV series from the sixties and the Val Kilmer movie that came in the late nineties, among others. If you are unfamiliar with either endeavor, Templar has sort of the “rob from the rich and give to the poor” personality, which may seem noble to some, but still gets him into trouble with the law on many occasions. I’m guessing this will make it difficult for him to romance the lovely Ms. Holm, as well.

According to Deadline, Moore himself will have a bit of a say in The Saint pilot, having signed on as a co-producer. Additionally, Brad Krevoy, Jesse Alexander, and Roman Viaris will executive produce. Alexander will be even more hands on with the pilot, having written the script and running the gig as showrunner. Although The Saint is a backdoor pilot, the wheels are already in motion, with production set to begin this Friday. TV Blend will keep you posted if this one land's a network home.

Jessica Rawden

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