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Elton John, Helen Mirren In For First SNL Hosting Gigs

Stick around Hollywood long enough, and you’re bound to get a Saturday Night Live offer sooner or later. That’s the case with aging beauty Helen Mirren. She’s been working steadily since the early 1970s but somehow has avoided the quintessential sketch comedy show until now. I suspect it may have to do with her perception as a serious actress, but anyone who’s watched her closely over the years knows all that talent is underscored by wonderful timing and a wry smile. Those attributes will serve her well.

According to Deadline, Mirren’s turn will come on April 9th alongside musical guest the Foo Fighters. Expect for lead singer Dave Grohl to be in at least one sketch. He always seems to pop up when least expected, but his inherent calm, goofy demeanor always brings out a few laughs.

In addition to Helen Mirren, SNL has also booked legendary singer Elton John to host on April 2nd. I’m a little less confident about how he’ll do, but his status and cult personality should provide plenty of fodder for comedy. Plus, he’s been around the show before as a musical guest.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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