Entourage Honest Trailer Gives The Show A Booze-Filled Middle Finger

The big screen adaptation of Entourage hits theaters nationwide tomorrow, so we can’t think of a better time for this to happen. The folks Screen Junkies have taken aim at the brotastic HBO series with one of their infamous Honest Trailers, and they do not hold anything back.

If you’re familiar with the Honest Trailers as a phenomenon, then you already know exactly what you’re in for, especially with a show like Entourage. They’re merciless in tearing at each and every flaw, issue, and problem, of which there are a great many in this particular series.

This video points out that HBO, the network that helped redefine the direction of television with groundbreaking shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, and so many others, also brought you eight seasons of boobs, drinking, and gay jokes. Right away, they lay this out as the dude-centric equivalent of Sex and the City, about a bunch of sex hungry bros on the prowl through a fantasy city that doesn’t really exist—Los Angeles this time instead of New York—full of gorgeous women and white people.

There is also a great deal of time spent on the formulaic nature of the series. You’ve got episode after episode full of “non crises,” where the problems the crew faces and has to deal with aren’t actual problems (you get that this is escapist fantasy fiction, but come on), and an unending parade of cameos by “celebrities playing themselves and celebrities not famous enough to play themselves.” And, of course, you knew that you weren’t going to escape this without it being pointed out what terrible, terrible people these are, especially talent agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), who, from the montage of clips they splice together here, is just a racist, sexist homophobe who is constantly yelling and belittling people.

Easily the best, most clever bit—everything is pretty much just a collection of every easy criticism ever lobbed at Entourage—is the part about TV booze. In this incarnation drinking a little bit is fun, but any more than that makes you into a testosterone-riddled jackass who wants to fight, then you puke, and then you cry a lot because of feelings.

From the early responses, Entourage the movie is essentially just a feature-length version of the series, and the general consensus seems to be that if you’re already a existing fan, you’ll totally enjoy the latest chapter. And we’re willing to bet that, if you’re a fan, you’ve already bought your ticket for tomorrow night, June 3, and if you’re not, nothing you’ve seen marketing wise will likely entice you to the theater.

Brent McKnight