Exclusive Da Vinci's Demons Blu-ray Deleted Scene Features A Genius Who Can't Slow Down

Da Vinci’s Demons is a historical fantasy about the myth and the man that is Leonardo Da Vinci. Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has graciously extended us an exclusive look at one of Season 1’s Blu-ray deleted scenes. It’s the man the clip is concerned with, a young genius attempting pursuits in all manner of fields and directions. His mentor asks him whether he’s a “painter, or a war engineer,” and Da Vinci doesn’t seem to have a good answer ready.

Da Vinci’s struggle to find an identity in his work pops up often in Starz’s freshman drama, which stars Tom Riley as the adventurous young genius. In Season 1, we get to see him interact with other historical figures such as the Medicis, as war and conflict begin to manifest in Florence with Da Vinci (and his ability to create weaponry) caught in the middle. Those close to the young man would like him to paint, but politics are rarely that simple. Da Vinci’s Demons was created by Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer, and as such, the series is intensely quotable, with the deleted scene even offering such gems as “long after the battles end, art endures.”

Da Vinci’s Demons: The Complete First Season is hitting Blu-ray and DVD on September 3 in sets that will be chock full of bonus features. The above deleted scene is a prime example of the sort of stuff available with the set; however, the disc will offer plenty of other extras, including audio commentaries, segments discussing the character of Da Vinci, and finally, the fashion in the show. Depending on interest, some of those bonus features will likely be more exciting than others, but The Complete First Season still seems like a well-rounded set.

Currently the set, which offers beautiful cover art art of Da Vinci and his famed flying contraption, is available for pre-order over at Amazon. But don’t take my word on the bonus features or cover art. You can check them both out, below.

Da Vinci’s Demons Blu-ray And DVD Extras

  • Audio Commentaries with Writer/Creator/Executive Producer/Director David S. Goyer and Actors Tom Riley, Laura Haddock, Blake Ritson, David Schofield and Tom Bateman
  • “Mastering Da Vinci “
  • “Constructing Da Vinci”
  • “Dressing Da Vinci”
  • “Worldwide Fanfare”
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Second Screen Promo


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