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It's good news/bad news for two prospective FX shows. First, the good news. Powers, the police procedural set in a world where super powers are real, is still alive and kicking. Deadline says that FX will be "retooling" Powers, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Based on the long-running comic series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, Powers is one of the shows I'm most hoping will eventually make it to the airwaves. The comic is by turns brutal, funny, shocking, and compelling -- just the sort of thing that would fit right in with FX's cadre of antiheroes. Moreover, it would be fascinating to see a TV series that tackles the comic-book subject matter from a different perspective than the standard "people learning to use their powers for good" angle. With a cast that includes Jason Patric as Detective Christian Walker and Lucy Punch as Deena Pilgrim, as well as Vinnie Jones and Titus Welliver, I'm equal parts intrigued and puzzled by what this show will look like, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll get to find out.

And now the bad news. While Powers is still breathing, Outlaw Country isn't so lucky. Starring Luke Grimes, Haley Bennett, Mary Steenburgen and John Hawkes, the show was a crime thriller/family drama exploring organized crime and Nashville "royalty." It had limped along for quite a while, having gone to pilot back in 2010, then undergoing reshoots last April. Now FX has officially passed on the show, which is a shame for those involved, but I can't bring myself to be too upset if it was a matter of Outlaw Country or Powers making the cut. I'll take my Bendis TV any day of the week.