FX Takes A Trip To Outlaw Country

If there's one thing FX does very well, it's shows about bad boys doing bad things. Set against a backdrop of Nashville royalty and organized crime, Outlaw Country hopes to continue that tradition. The network has ordered a pilot of the series, according to Deadline Hollywood.

While no cast decisions have been made, they have attached Shooter Jennings -- son of Waylon Jennings -- as executive consultant and music supervisor. I'm hoping that means that the music scene of Nashville will be as integral to the narrative as the New Orleans style dominates HBO's Treme. Country music speaks so much to the culture of parts of the Midwest, it's an integral part of many people's lives.

To make us feel even better about it, if FX being attached to it isn't enough, Country is executive produced by John and Art Linson, who also executive produce another little drama for the network called Sons of Anarchy. Production on the Outlaw Country pilot is expected to to begin this fall.