Those with an interest in the art of special-effects make-up will definitely want to tune in to Syfy tomorrow night. The network is set to bring Face Off back for its second season. The competition series has special-effects make-up artists competing against one another in various challenges.

Set to return this Wednesday night for its second season, Face Off has a new set of artists ready to show off their skills. Each week they’ll be required to complete challenges that demonstrate their skill and creativity in the hopes of being the last man (or woman) standing, to win a cash prize, a year’s supply of Alcone make up, a car, and some exposure, which might help them get a leg-up in the industry. Last year’s winner Conor McCullagh recently worked on the upcoming film adaptation of The Hunger Games.

Below is the list of fourteen contestants set to compete in Season 2, and further down is a video that shows the contestants working on a challenge that has them getting creative as they recreate the characters from The Wizard of Oz.

Athena Zhe – 25 – Resides in New York, NY; From Ukraine
Beki Ingram – 30 – Resides in Crestline, OH; Hometown Phoenix, AZ
Brea Joseph – 32 – San Diego, CA
Gerald “Jerry” Macaluso – 43 – Resides in Northridge, CA; Hometown is Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Greg Lightner – 35 – Resides in Pittsburgh, PA; Hometown is Coral Gables, Florida
Heather Henry – 33 – Dallas, TX
Ian Cromer – 22 – Resides in Staten Island, NY; Tampa, FL
Matt Valentine – 33 – Austin, TX
Miranda Jory – 21 – Resides in Los Angeles; Hometowns are Louisville, KY and Seattle, WA
Nicholas “Nix” Herrera – 31 – Orlando, FL
Rayce Bird – 29 – Shelley, Idaho
Sue Lee – 26 – Resides in Jersey City, NJ; Hometown is Long Island, NY
Tara Lang – 27 – Resides West Hollywood, CA; Hometown is Littleton, CO

Face Off Season 2 premieres Wednesday, January 11th at 10/9c on Syfy.

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