Family Guy is known for being crass, crude, and entirely inappropriate in its humor, but it seems the show’s producers may have gone a little too far this time – and not on the show itself. The Emmy mailers sent out this year seem to have struck something other than the funny bone in those who received them. Are they just being sensitive, or did the show cross a line?

This year’s Emmy mailers from the producers, which are always a little over-the-top, feature Peter Griffin referring to the Emmy voters as “bloated, over-privileged Brentwood Jews”, with Stewie adding that they can always tell everyone they voted for Modern Family. It seems that not everyone thought it was a good joke.

According to The Hollywood Reporter some responded pretty poorly to the anti-Semitic joke. One pointed out that “Stereotyping any particular ethnic group is just not cool,” while other simply said it wasn’t funny: “If Family Guy was that funny on a regular basis, it might get nominated.”

Pushing the envelope is what Family Guy has been doing since its inception, and it’s Emmy mailers are always known for keeping up the show’s irreverent image. This one, however, has sparked controversy and even resulted in some boycotting of the ad itself. So what do you think? Did Family Guy go too far this time?

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