Fear Factor May Be About To Feature Its Grossest Stunt Ever

I was actually moderately interested in the revival of NBC’s Fear Factor, however once it returned, I remembered why I was rarely ever able to stomach the series when it originally aired. That said, this latest rumor is so over-the-top gross that I can only hope it’s really just a rumor. Consider that a warning for the grossness verbalized (and spoilers) ahead.

Fear Factor is well known for featuring some gross tasks. The competition, which has people facing various scary, dangerous and in some cases, stomach-turning challenges, has had contestants eating bugs, blood, testicles, and more recently, live grasshoppers and maggot and blood salsa, so perhaps this rumor isn’t so absurd by comparison. But from what’s being reported by TMZ (icky photo warning!), the series is set to have contestants drinking “fresh donkey semen” on the next episode of the series. Per TMZ:

We're told the challenge involved teams of twins drinking the full glass of donkey semen -- with a glass of urine thrown in for good measure. Contestants had to drain both glasses in order to move on to the next round.

The site goes on to say that NBC “gave serious thought to killing the stunt.” Judging by the episode title and the description below, it sounds like they may have decided to go through with it.


HEE HAW! HEE HAW! - TEAMS OF TWINS TAKE ON AN ELECTRIFIED MAZE AND A SPEEDING LOCOMOTIVE TO WIN THE GRAND PRIZE – In this special episode featuring teams of twins, the siblings will find themselves in a precarious position as they make their way through an electrified maze that is suspended over water and in a race against the clock, they must grab as many flags as possible without getting too distracted by the zapping. The teams also put themselves to the test eating the unimaginable in one stunt, and racing atop a moving train while their teammate drives a car up a ramp and crashes through a locomotive in another stunt. One pair of siblings will remain standing and claim the $50,000 cash prize. Joe Rogan hosts.

The episode described above is set to air this Monday (January 30th). Will you watch?

Fear Factor airs Mondays at 9/8c on NBC.

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