Fear The Walking Dead Is Finally Casting For Season 2, Here's Who Has Been Added

Fear The Walking Dead has been renewed for what feels like forever, but the post-apocalyptic franchise has been a little slow to sign on new members for Season 2, despite the fact that death is rampant. In fact, characters die kind of a lot, so you'd think we would be bound to hear of fresh faces joining the merry bands of survivors every now and then. As it turns out, the Walking Dead spinoff has just cast a new character. Arturo Del Puerto will be joining Fear the Walking Dead in a role unlike any other thus far on the show.

Arturo Del Puerto will play a character called Carlos, according to Deadline. Carlos will be a man who is guarded – understandable, in the zombie apocalypse – but possesses a spiritual understanding of the world. The role will be recurring.

Carlos Del Puerto

There’s not much description for fans to go on to start hypothesizing, but the Walking Dead shows can be so shrouded in mystery to prevent spoilers that we’re actually kind of lucky to have gotten as much information about Del Puerto’s character as we have. The casting does indicate that the plan at the end of the first season of Fear the Walking Dead to find sanctuary from the zombies on a yacht isn’t likely to last for very long if a new character is appearing. Of course, there is the chance that Carlos will be a pirate; while that’s pretty unlikely, it would not be the most ridiculous thing that has happened on Fear the Walking Dead.

Del Puerto has been busy with big screen projects lately, so Fear the Walking Dead was pretty lucky to find him between major jobs. He can currently be seen in theaters with a role in Ride Along 2 and will be seen in Independence Day 2 and CHiPS. He has just wrapped on a potential series regular role in the Snowfall pilot for FX, however, so it should be interesting to see what fate may befall Carlos if Snowfall is picked up for a full season.

Hopefully, Carlos will be around for at least a little while. A spiritual look at the zombie apocalypse from a new character could change things up nicely for the characters who survived the Season 1 finale, and some fresh blood certainly couldn’t hurt.

The second season of Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t premiere until April 10, so we still have a bit of a wait ahead of us until we see Arturo Del Puerto as Carlos. Luckily, The Walking Dead will be returning to the airwaves on February 14, so we can have our fix of the zombie apocalypse in the meantime. For a look at other great shows to watch during the wait for Fear the Walking Dead to return, check out our list of 2016 midseason TV premiere dates.

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