There's a good chance you’re all caught up with Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead, since its finale was six months ago and there were only six episodes to watch in the first place. And even though it lost some viewer steam in the later installments, it was something of a ratings juggernaut when it first premiered , so AMC likes to repeat the hell out of the show. Thankfully, we don't have much longer to wait until the next batch of episodes arrives and fills the Pacific coast with the undead for Season 2. Here's everything you need to know before that happens.

When Will Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Air?
AMC announced that Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead will debut on Sunday, April 10, which is way earlier than the Season 1 premiere in late August. The sophomore season will have more episodes, so the early release is understandable, and it also means that audiences don’t have to wait nearly as long for a follow-up season. But this puts it airing on the same night as Season 6 of Game of Thrones, so it'll be interesting to see how that will play out where the ratings are concerned. I expect the delayed numbers will be kinder than the initial numbers might indicate.

What Have We Seen From Fear The Walking Dead Season 2?
We're so close to Season 2 that we can taste it - and it does not taste like barbecue sauce, no matter what anyone tells you - and AMC has been kind enough to drop a few teasers on our laps over the past few weeks, although nothing that falls under the category of “full-length trailer.” That said, the bits we’ve gotten are pretty intense and make it look like Season 2 will kick off with way more action and drama than it did when we first met Madison, Travis and their respective families. Ease into things with this first one, which uses some fast-paced editing to set a mood of floating saltwater mayhem.

Now you can dive brains-first into the next promo below, which ratchets up the dread and the suspense, introducing multitudes of both zombies and survivors. Given how non-wonderfully Travis and Daniel react in certain situations, I’m not placing any bets on which of those two groups will be around longer than the other.

Be sure and stay tuned for more trailers as they’re released. Hopefully we'll be getting something larger and more cohesive in the coming weeks.

Who Won’t Be Back For Season 2?
The only main character who met her maker before the season finale aired was Griselda Salazar, Daniel’s wife, who got her leg amputated at the field hospital and eventually had to be put out of commission, a task taken on by Liza. So Griselda clearly wasn’t destined to be a multi-year character.

The season finale saw many military men getting their body parts munched on by the walker wave that Daniel let loose from the arena, and though it looked like the central squad had made it through without any major injuries, Liza revealed to Madison that she had been bitten. Travis, who bruised his knuckles earlier in the episode on Andy's face, had his second mentally crippling moment when he was forced to shoot Liza in the head before she could turn. So while Liza may reappear in a memory or dream sequence tied to Travis and/or Chris, her days of living and breathing in the present are over.

Otherwise, we can expect that just about everyone else will continue on through at least part of Season 2, unless Daniel forgets to change the dressing on Ofelia's bullet wound and she gets infected and takes out everyone at the end of Episode 1, with Episode 2 following an entirely different set of characters. But that probably won’t happen.

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