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Breaking Bad may have officially ended, but fans should still be seeing some of their favorite Albuquerque residents during the show’s prequel, which will be set a few years before the events in AMC’s popular drama. The network is currently prepping to air Better Call Saul, a brand new prequel series following the antics of lawyer Saul Goodman. Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan will be involved, and he recently divulged that a bunch of the show’s cast members (besides the obvious Bob Odenkirk) have expressed interest in the new series.

Since Better Call Saul will be a prequel series, the sky truly is the limit on who can come back. Gilligan recently told THR that Breaking Bad leads Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are interested in popping up in the series in Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cameos, but really, anyone could come back.
"The sky's the limit with a prequel. Everybody who's now deceased in the Breaking Bad world is obviously still alive. You never know who might turn up and when and where."

What could prove to be even more interesting than cameos from Cranston or Paul are the characters we’ve already met in Breaking Bad who could have more substantial roles in Better Call Saul. This includes people like private investigator Mike, who was played by Jonathan Banks in the original series.
"I could definitely see a version of this where Mike Ehrmantraut is an important part of this series.”

Although early indications mentioned the prequel might be a comedy, when Better Call Saul was officially announced by AMC last month, we learned it would officially be an hour-long drama series with a humorous bent. We also learned at the time that the series would focus on the evolution of the Saul Goodman character, while the title takes its name from the catchphrase good old Saul uses to advertise his attorney practice.

Adding a few memorable cast members from Breaking Bad to the lineup could be a selling point for audiences to tune in to Better Call Saul. Regardless, the show will have to bring in an interesting storyline and hopefully plenty of Saul’s humor to the table in order to truly invest audiences in the cable show. Luckily, there are a lot of big names involved with the new project. Gilligan is hoping to be able to direct the pilot for the series, and he’s already spent time in the writers room with Peter Gould, who will be the showrunner for Better Call Saul.

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