The New Firefly Animated Short Will Win You Over In Less Than 5 Seconds

Animator Stephen Byrne has recently released this production diary of his journey bringing this amazingly perfect animated Firefly short to life (seriously, it’s about 2.5 seconds long). Take a peek and be sure to pull out your tissues...

Firefly cute

Byrne’s production diary proves that bringing the world this seconds-long clip was truly a labor of love. His animation of Wash and Zoe is completely spot on, and he has managed to create what I can only imagine is the world record for Greatest Amount of Feels in the Shortest Period of Time. If you want to know more about the creation of the short, short clip, check out the full production diary, below.

Firefly fans are constantly chomping at the bit for new Firefly content. While there were rumors circulating a while ago of Netflix reviving the cult classic, and Joss Whedon has expressed a desire to tell more Firefly-related stories, there hasn’t been any real movement in any revival of the series beyond the new MMORPG. Additionally, Whedon’s a bit tied up these days with his work on the Avengers films and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Regardless, if Serenity is any indication, there ain’t no power in the ‘verse to stop Browncoats from bringing new Firefly content into the world, be it by supporting the show onto the big screen or creating 2.5 second-long clips that essentially smash your Zoe and Wash-loving heart into pieces. I tend to be a part of the camp that feels Firefly was perfect as a one-season show. Due to this, I tend to feel any revival of the show would have to be completely perfect to win my seal of approval, but I never cease to be amazed by the amazing fan creations coming from Browncoats around the world.

Joss Whedon’s cult classic science fiction series may have been axed after only a season, but the amazing Browncoat fandom was able to resurrect the story with graphic novels, a major motion picture, Serenity (I’ll be honest, if you haven’t seen Serenity, this clip won’t make a ton of sense to you), a new MMORPG based on Firefly (with the original cast returning), and now this amazing animated short by Stephen Byrne. You might recognize Byrne from all of his cool fan art, including his spot-on Disney-inspired animation of the Firefly cast.

If you have never delved into the gorram amazing world of Firefly, the show is on Netflix and on DVD and Blu-ray. You can check out to get updates about Firefly online. And be sure to check out Stephen Byrne’s other animation projects on his Facebook page.