If you're looking for a rootin', tootin' puree of science fiction and westerns, and you can't wait for the July release of Cowboys and Aliens, you might want to click over to Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day. They've got the complete Blu-ray set of Joss Whedon's space/horse opera, Firefly, for a mere $23.49. That's marked down 74% from the list price of $89.99, which is a pretty awesome deal for a jam-packed set and a great show.

The show may only have run 13 episodes, but the Blu-ray set includes enough bonus material for twice that many. Nearly every episode includes audio commentary, running the gamut from the excellent cast, to exec producer Tim Minear, to the man himself, Joss Whedon. Don't look for staid, technical commentaries here; Joss sets the tone for the set, so expect lots of self-deprecating humor, plenty of funny anecdotes, and at least a portion of useful storytelling insight.

Firefly may not have gotten the five-year run it deserved, but just be thankful that 20th Century Fox didn't scrimp on the series set. Pop it in and revisit one of the best goram science fiction shows of the past decade. Click the Blu-Ray art below to order your copy.

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