The Sleepy Hollow adaptation that was being pitched to networks just this week has found a home. It will be Fox who does the honors; they’ve given the project a put-pilot commitment. All four of the big networks saw the pitch, but Fox, who were first to look at it on Thursday, ultimately went after it. Meanwhile, the CW is in talks for an entirely different Sleepy Hollow adaptation.

The project, which Deadline says is a modern re-imagining of Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, will take place in the famed town many years removed from the original tale. It will focus on Ichabod Crane and the local female sheriff, who team up to face the ongoing battle between good and evil that lurks beneath the quiet surface of the small village. If it comes to television, it will be fighting for a place among the many supernatural thrillers already out there.

The project comes from the team of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, with Underworld’s Len Wiseman on to direct. The team previously worked on Fringe at Fox and also wrote the pilot for the Hawaii Five-0 reboot.

Word is there is another Sleepy Hollow adaptation in talks at the CW, or so says Deadline, this one coming from the writing team behind Missing. The two projects sound remarkably similar, both being contemporary versions of the classic tale. It’s not the first time two different networks have had similar projects in development, and odds are good only one will make it to series -- assuming either does. It does sound like Fox is really interested in the project, which could cause the CW to back down since they haven’t committed to anything just yet.

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