2016 will go down in historical infamy for many reasons, and the entertainment world was afflected by a melancholy span with far too many deaths befalling beloved artists in all walks of fame. One would think we could flock to TV for a form of escapism on that front, but safety definitely hasn't been guaranteed for small screen characters in 2016. It has been a rough one, to say the least, so join me in raising a glass in memory of the fictional souls who left us this year.

Spoilers are all over this article, given the nature of its subject matter. Tread carefully, and with your blinders on.

Hodor - Game Of Thrones

Though his limited form of self-referential speech was a punchline among fans of Game of Thrones, Hodor himself most certainly was not. The gentle giant was already the show's best personification of loyalty and selflessness over five seasons, a distinction that was driven home even more effectively when his complicated and bawl-worthy end was revealed. With perfectly depressing poetic licence, Hodor's own dying words were what cursed him, and rarely have Internet memes and fan-crafted door-stoppers worked so well to remind audiences just how damned sad we should still all be about this particular Game of Thrones tragedy.

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