As we head into the summer TV season, where it’s required to maintain a marked effort to find quality programming to spend one’s time with, there remains a thick sheen of disappointment from all of the lackluster season (and series) finales that are still fresh on our memories from the 2015-2016 season. We’re hoping that the June sun will allow us to sweat out those same memories so that we can learn to appreciate the simple things again.

Here are 9 recent TV finales that were pale representations of their respective series as a whole. Perhaps reliving the head-shaking moments – the deaths, the possible deaths, the characters who sadly didn’t die, etc. – all at once will allow us to forget that any of it happened. Spoilers will be shared.

the flash
The Flash
While The Flash remained fun throughout Season 2, doubling down on its bonkers comic book science fiction, it was obvious the huge problems with Zoom’s storyline probably weren’t going to be all fixed up by the time the finale aired. Indeed, this season’s big bad was at the center of both a dispiriting reveal about the masked man as well as an anticlimactic non-death, and the episode ended with Barry apparently retconning everything we’ve watched over the past two years. That final decision could lead to amazing things, sure, but it felt like a big narrative sucker-punch meant to shock rather than support what came before it.

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