Whether it's because the format has grown stale, or perhaps because I prefer the contestants on Masterchef much more than the ones on Hell's Kitchen this season, I've found myself anticipating each new episode of Masterchef much more than I have Gordon Ramsay's other cooking competition series this summer. While Hell's Kitchen puts people from various culinary backgrounds against one another in different cooking challenges, as well as the task of completing dinner service, Masterchef features amateur culinary enthusiasts looking to impress Gordon Ramsay and his panel of judges. Though it's the newer of the two seasons, it looks like Fox has decided to keep it around.

Masterchef is currently airing its third season at Fox and the network announced today that the series will be back for Season 4.
“We’re excited to be back for another season of MASTERCHEF,” said Gordon Ramsay, executive producer and judge on MASTERCHEF. “I am continually amazed by the raw talent, passion and creativity of home cooks across America. The contestants raise the bar every season, and it’s an inspiration and exciting challenge for us.”

I think it's the passion that's doing it for me as far as my interest in the series goes. There's a competitive spirit, mixed with the contestants' eagerness to please the judges, which adds something fresh to the cooking competition format, especially by comparison to Hell's Kitchen, which is the more seasoned of the two series but doesn't seem to be holding my attention nearly as much as it did in previous seasons.

Speaking of competitive spirit, Fox's announcement also mentioned that tonight's episode will have the eight previously eliminated contestants returning to the show for a chance to get back into the competition. This week's mystery-box challenge will tie into that. Who will get a second chance? We'll find out when Masterchef airs tonight (Monday, July 23) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

The Season 3 finale of Masterchef is scheduled for Tuesday, September 4. And thanks to Fox's announcement today, we now have Season 4 to look forward to.

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