Reality shows have been a staple of American life for almost two decades now, and there are basically only four types of such shows: day-in-the-life, talent competition, dating show or endurance/athletic competition reality show. Whether they’re pushing their bodies to the physical limit, singing their hearts out or having dinner parties and arguing for all the world to see, sometimes the show cannot go on for some of them.

The annals of reality show history are filled with people who get injured or ill and have to wrap up the their part on the show early. Let’s take a look at some of the reality show participants over the years who’ve had to check out of their series because medical issues got in the way.

Tamar Braxton – Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars is exactly the type of show where you’d expect competitors to be sidelined by health issues. But, sometimes, instead of those health issues being directly linked to the competition, there’s an underlying problem that’s simply brought to the surface because of the physical nature of the show. Tamar Braxton dropped out of Season 21 of the dance show due to the presence of blood clots in both of her lungs. Unfortunately, that diagnosis led her doctors to another issue, thoracic outlet syndrome. The condition causes problems with the veins and blood vessels in the chest area and neck because of compression. After leaving Dancing with the Stars, Braxton even had to have one rib removed to relieve the pressure.

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