Gordon Ramsay Reveals The Biggest Insults He's Given Hell's Kitchen Contestants

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Fox's Hell's Kitchen is getting ready to embark on its eighteenth season, which means more cooking action. Over the course of the show's history, which dates back to 2005 in America, the series has witnessed its share of heated moments in the kitchen, and inevitably the countless insults the show's host and star, Gordon Ramsay, has given contestants. All of which begs the question: after thirteen years, what does Ramsay consider his biggest insult? Well, this what Ramsay had to say:

When they lie it's the worst insult that any chef can hear. When somebody lies to you it's worse than working with somebody who can't cook. Because when you trust someone with your reputation and they cross that line, they want [the food] out of their sight and they tell you they finished it, and you know they're lying, that's the worst. They also get a bit carried away with these flash materials. They got the best Japanese knife that costs $700. There's no point in buying the best knife if you can't f---ing slice [correctly]. But I think the biggest insult I would turn around and say was, "I've forgotten more than you know," or "the butternut squash, would like it diced and rammed up your backside?"

So, the infamous "idiot sandwich" insult did not make the cut. While his first answer was pretty tame, he got more intense with his second pick. "Idiot sandwich" arguably falls somewhere in between both of the ones Gordon Ramsay cited to EW, although it's worth noting that the "idiot sandwich" moment came from a late-night sketch rather than an actual episode of Ramsay's show. Ramsay's answer to the initial question regarding his favorite reprimand does offer tremendous insight with him beginning by explaining what the biggest insult a chef can hear is. And future contestants would be wise to take note because it is a common-sense tip. Do not lie!

Gordon Ramsay provided a prime example of the lies he has caught people in, and it was claiming that patrons finished meals that they had actually asked to be carted away. A definite big no-no. As Ramsay points out, coming equipped to play the role of a competent chef is not going to be a benefit.

That is, having the fanciest equipment is no benefit if you do not have the skill-set necessary to utilize the high-priced assets. Why someone who cannot slice and dice something properly would want to throw their chef's hat in the ring, let alone make a big purchase to support said move, is anyone's guess. But this is reality television, folks. So, stranger things have happened.

In his interview, Ramsay went on to say that he did not have any regrets over the things he has said to contestants over the years. Saying that when he has watched himself on television, he has not anything where he would think of himself as being a "dick."

On a related note, Gordon Ramsay was also asked if there are any things that he is no longer allowed to say to contestants. To which he asserted that while the "climate is changing," he has not ever said anything "so below the belt." So, it does not sound like there has been any censorship.

Gordon Ramsay sounds pumped about the new season, calling it "the best" installment so far. Season 18 will pit rookie talent from the culinary world against the series' All-Stars. So, it is about to get hot in the kitchen! Season 18 of Hell's Kitchen premieres Friday, September 28 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Let the cooking commence! As for other television options, Hell's Kitchen is one of many other shows set to arrive this fall, including ones on Fox's schedule.

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