Why I’m Obsessed With Gordon Ramsay Fox Shows

Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen on Fox
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Gordon Ramsay has become a Fox network super star. He’s been creating shows with the network for almost two decades and the partnership seems stronger than ever. His first Fox TV show, Hell’s Kitchen, has already aired 20 seasons, and been renewed through Season 22. Fox and Gordon Ramsay have been a successful partnership that hopefully doesn’t end anytime soon.

In 2022, his latest Fox TV series, Next Level Chef, premiered, and I loved it, flaws and all. It just basically confirmed what I’ve always known: I’m obsessed with Gordon Ramsay TV shows. If Gordon Ramsay’s name is attached to a TV show, I’ll be streaming it on Tubi or Hulu once it's available. There is a reason why Gordon Ramsay and Fox continue to make great TV shows and I keep watching them, they're great entertainment. Here’s why I think these shows are must-watch television and why I can’t stop watching them. 

Gordon Ramsay on Fox's Hell's Kitchen

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You Never Know What Gordon Ramsay You're Going To Get

Gordon Ramsay is most famously known for yelling at people, throwing stuff, and being a generally terrifying boss. He got this reputation because of his Hell’s Kitchen persona. However, if you watch enough Gordon Ramsay TV shows, then you know Yelling Gordon isn’t the only side he shows on television. He’s often kind and patient with the contestants on MasterChef Junior. He’s also more of a mentor on MasterChef than he is an angry boss. Even on Hell’s Kitchen, he’s calmed down a lot, and he’s pretty nice to the contestants that he sees working hard and learning.

There being so many Gordon Ramsay TV shows means that fans get to see multiple sides of him across all the shows. It’s also just fun as a viewer to not know which Gordon will come out in any given episode. He could be fun and goofy one minute, and then screaming at someone to get out of his kitchen the next moment. 

Gordon Ramsay on Next Level Chef

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It Feels Like There Is Always A New Show Or Season Available To Watch

After Next Level Chef wrapped up its first season, I didn’t get a chance to miss it, because MasterChef Junior premiered its new season not so long after the other show ended. This is a pattern with Gordon Ramsay's TV shows. Once one ends, another one will soon premiere. You rarely get a chance to miss the man.

Additionally, Hulu and Tubi both have plenty of his Fox TV series to stream, so if you have missed one or skipped a few seasons, you can still find plenty to binge on during the rare occasions when Fox isn’t airing a new season of a Gordon Ramsay cooking show.

Christine Ha winner of MasterChef Season 3

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I’ll watch any show with Gordon Ramsay’s name attached, but mainly because I can rely on him to produce interesting and entertaining cooking competition shows. In general, I love cooking TV shows, but they are not all created equal. One thing many Gordon Ramsay cooking shows do very well is making you care about the contestants. For weeks, we watch as these contestants improve, learn, and use their hearts and minds to produce standout dishes.

You genuinely care when the single mom from Nebraska makes it to the end and takes home the title. You tear up when a blind chef beats the odds and wins the MasterChef title. You cheer so loud when one of your favorite contestants wins Hell’s Kitchen. These TV shows take you on a journey with these contestants, which makes the end results so much more meaningful or infuriating — depending on how it all ends. With so many seasons of Gordon Ramsay shows, you also get to take these emotional and frustrating journeys a lot. 

Gordon Ramsay in Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back

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There Is A Gordon Ramsay Fox TV Show For Every Type Of Cooking Show Fan

The thing that makes Gordon Ramsay’s Fox TV shows easy to continuously watch is that they’re not just repeats of each other. Hell’s Kitchen is about rookie chefs trying to prove they have what it takes to manage major restaurants, MasterChef and its spin-offs are about homecooks trying to prove they have the same skills as professional chefs, Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back chronicles Gordon revamping a failing restaurant in 24-hours, and the list goes on and on.

These shows have some overlap, but they’re varied enough to appeal to cooking competition fans, restaurant makeover show fans, and inspiring cooking show fans. The only cooking show market that Fox and the chef haven’t cornered is instructional cooking shows--though he does post plenty of instructional videos on his official Youtube page. Maybe we’ll get a "how to cook with Gordon Ramsay" TV show on Fox one day. 

Aaron Sanchez, Gordon Ramsay, and Daphne Oz on MasterChef Junior

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Gordon Ramsay's Chemistry With The Other Judges

Gordon Ramsay has had guest judges and series regular judges who are world renowned chefs and bakers. A few of the judges his fans have seen appear with him on these TV shows are Nyesha Arrington, Richard Blais, Christina Tosi, Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich, and Aarón Sánchez. Ramsay brings a different dynamic with whichever chefs he works with on his TV shows.

He could be competitive, friendly, funny, or whatever mood matches the show’s tone. If you get bored with seeing Gordon all the time, judges like Arrington and Blais bring a freshness that gives a show like Next Level Chef some of the uniqueness that’s needed to keep these Gordon Ramsay shows from becoming bland.

Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef Junior

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The Food We Get To See Made

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter may not be a huge fan of his cooking, but I would love to try it. I would love to try many of the dishes featured on MasterChef and other Gordon Ramsay cooking shows because they often look and sound delicious. Luckily for fans of shows like MasterChef, there is often a cookbook to learn how to make some of the dishes, especially the ones made by the each season's winners.

These shows do a great job of making me, and others, want to try these dishes and hunt out Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. The TV shows definitely make sure that the TV dishes appeal to all our five senses even without having the meals in the room with us as we watch.

I am someone who will probably watch Gordon Ramsay TV shows until he retires from American TV. Hopefully, this never happens, because I can’t wait for Hell’s Kitchen Season 43 and MasterChef Season 75. 

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