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Friends Reunion Isn't Happening, Rumors Are False

Sorry, Friends fans, the reunion is just not going to happen. In spite of persistent rumors that the cast of the classic 90s sitcom will sit together on that famous orange couch one more time, the official word is that the rumors are just that. Both the stars and the studio have confirmed that there is no plan to stage a reunion of any kind.

It all started with the image below, which has circulated online, apparently advertising a Thanksgiving reunion.

Friends Reunion

It’s been going around for a long time; in fact Matthew Perry himself said the image was a fake last November, as did co-executive producer Kevin Bright, who told TV Guide “there is absolutely, 100 percent no talk about a reunion.” Still, the image has continued to spread, giving fans of the show hope that it still might happen. Then a few days ago, a report announced that NBC had confirmed the reunion, getting people worked up all over again. Today The Huffington Post reported that Warner Brothers has stated there absolutely won’t be a reunion.

With a show as popular and with as much pop culture impact as Friends, it’s not surprising people are hopeful for a reunion, but the cast of the comedy have no interest in pursuing it. They’ve all moved on to other gigs, and as Episodes star Matt LeBlanc pointed out, there’s no way a reunion could manage to please all the fans. Which is not to say the thought of a trip back to Central Perk doesn’t make me feel a little wistful. But we can always relive the 90s on Blu-Ray and imagine our own future for the six after that last scene in Monica’s apartment.