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This seasons big five year jump-ahead in Desperate Housewives introduced new love interest Jackson so Susan Mayer’s life. Gale Harold, who plays Jackson was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and his character had to be temporarily written out but it looks like Hale’s all better and coming back to the show!

Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello posted the news, stating that Harold’s grand return to Desperate Housewives is set to take place during the May 3rd episode. What’s more (spoiler warning!), according to series creator Marc Cherry, Jackson has a “very important question for Susan,” which he says stuns her. Gee, what do you think he wants to ask her? The obvious idea would be a marriage proposal but I have to wonder if Cherry would be that obvious with a hint.

After Hale’s accident, Jackson left town to take a teaching job, leaving Susan single again. "We were planning to end his storyline [around midseason]," Cherry explains. "But because of the accident, we get to bring him back for the end of the season, which will be a nice kind of full circle journey for Susan in season 5."

So I guess that means it’s not a permanent return, unless Cherry’s trying to mislead us with the above comment.