HBO’s Game Change takes a look at Sarah Palin, John McCain, and the choices (and sometimes mistakes) made by the Republican party during the 2008 election. The film is compelling, and follows Julianne Moore as a near dead-ringer for the oft red-jacketed politician. If you didn’t catch it during its initial run on HBO, Game Change will be coming to Blu-ray with HBO select and DVD on January 8.

Game Change has done pretty well for itself in the months since it aired. First, the show garnered the highest ratings the subscription cable network had brought in for over 8 years. Then, the show started winning awards. Julianne Moore won a critics choice award for her portrayal of Palin, and then she proceeded to win nearly the same award at the 2012 Emmys ceremony. After earning five Emmy wins to stick on the Blu-ray box, I’m not surprised HBO has announced the release, but I am surprised it won’t get a slew of extras, to go with the highly touted TV film.

Since Game Change is based on the bestselling book of the same name, and since the film discusses a period of historical significance that happened in the recent past, you would think there would be plenty of fodder to talk about on the disc set. However, there are only two featurettes that will come with the Blu-ray set. The first, “Creating the Candidate,” will take a look at what it takes to be a high end politician and “Game Change: The Phenomenon” will discuss what it took to realize the ideas from the book and bring them to life onscreen. The latter one, at the very least, will hopefully be an extensive extra, and honestly, the price sort of covers any lack in the special features department. The Game Change Blu-ray will run for $24.99, while the DVD will only cost $19.97.

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