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Game Of Thrones Comic Con Panel Loses One Cast Member, Adds Another

We're just days away from the start of the Comic Con in San Diego. I doubt I'm alone in being a combination of excited and anxious for the annual event, which is a celebration of comics, movies, TV and video games, not to mention some pretty excellent costumes. While the schedule for panels may be locked in place, last-minute changes are inevitable. In the case of this bit of news, it has to do with the Game of Thrones panel.

The panel for HBO's excellent fantasy drama series is still on, however it looks like star Lena Headey won't be in attendance, as originally announced. Entertainment Weekly has announced that Headey had to back out of the upcoming Friday panel due to a schedule conflict. While Cersei Lannister's absence definitely won't go unnoticed, there's a bright side to the situation. As GoT has no shortage of interesting female characters, Headey's seat won't remain empty. Rose Leslie will be taking Headey's place on the panel.

Leslie plays Ygritte on the series. Introduced in Season 2, she's the woman from north of the wall who captured Jon Snow (after being captured herself) and later convinced the Lord of Bones not to have Jon executed. Her scenes with Jon Snow, particularly when she was poking fun at him for being a man of the Night's Watch were some of my favorite moments of the season as far as character exchanges go. So as disappointing as it is that Headey won't be on the panel, Leslie's addition is great news.

The Game of Thrones panel at Comic Con is set to take place on Friday (7/13) at 2:45 p.m. in Hall H.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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