Game Of Thrones: Good News, Bran Is Officially Back For Season 6

While putting together the scripts and layouts for Season 5, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff ultimately opted to streamline the plot and cut out the likes of Bran and Hodor. While we expected the plotline North of the Wall to pick back up in Season 6, we can now officially confirm that it is happening. This week Isaac Hempstead Wright spoke out to discuss a little bit about what we can expect from Bran during Season 6 of Game Of Thrones.

I can’t say a lot but I am back this season, and it’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran. He has some interesting visions.

During the interview with Irish Examiner Bran also said he will head to the set to begin shooting the upcoming season of HBO’s fantasy drama this month, although he unfortunately had no intriguing new tidbits to add to the Jon Snow-related fan hopes and theories we’ve been hearing about for weeks now. Regardless, it should be nice to catch up with Bran when the series returns in 2016.

While it was pretty weird to go an entire season without Bran, it actually made sense, considering the young character’s storyline was a lot further along in the books than a lot of the other characters on Game of Thrones. When last we saw Bran, he had just reached the Weirwood tree beyond the Wall when his traveling party was attacked by a group of wights and Jojen was killed. Bran then met a member of the Children of the Forest and the Three-Eyed Raven, who presumably have been busy training him behind-the-scenes during this last season. Avoiding jumping too far ahead is exactly the reason that Bran was cut from Season 5, though. Benioff stated nearly a year ago that cutting Bran was all in the effort to keep everyone’s stories from the books on roughly the same timeline.

The fact is, even though we’re making changes to the books and adapting as necessary, we’re trying to keep the various storylines the same as the books and trying to keep them roughly [chronologically] parallel.

Anyone with any sort of knowledge regarding George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series probably knows that Game of Thrones has caught up and sometimes moved ahead of the books at this point. Season 6 will feature a ton of story arcs that won’t be spoiled on the blogosphere before the episode airs, and getting more surprises on the small screen is something that all GOT fans should rejoice in a little bit.

It’ll still be quite a while before new episodes of Game of Thrones air. In the meantime, here’s what we know about Season 6 so far.In addition, here's what else HBO has coming up this summer.

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