I don't think it's an overstatement to say that the Game of Thrones opening credits sequence is (at the very least) one of the best TV series openers on television right now. So it should come as no surprise that people would be inspired to create their own version of the mechanical-looking Westeros map. We saw The Simpsons do it by turning Westeros into Springfield for one of their couch gags. And now some clever fans with some serious lego skills have put together a lego version of the opening credits, and it's pretty good!

Credited to "MatthewP and Monica Garcia," the video below uses legos to build the Westeros map. We see the buildings work their way up, growing slowly as they do in the Game of Thrones' opening credits, set to music similar to the GoT opening theme.

It's pretty great, especially when you factor in how much time something like this would take to do. Lego building requires time, patience, nimble fingers, and of course, lots of creativity. It's safe to say whoever created "A Clash of LEGO" had all of those things. I only wish the lighting were a little bit brighter so we could get a better look at the detail.

And I wish I could play with it.

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