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"All Men Must Die," or so say the new Game of Thrones character posters. And technically, the tagline featured on each of the recently revealed posters is "Valar Morghulis," to which we might respond, "Valar dohaeris," or "all men must serve."

The poster above gives us a look at the beautiful Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. She almost looks happy there. Or threatening. Maybe both. It's hard to say.

And here's Tyrian Lannister's poster. He too is looking off to his right, though there's no mistaking the frown and the clenched fists. Is he restrained there?


And where we have Kit Harington as Jon Snow...


Kirstofer HIvju stares almost straight ahead as Tormund...


Joffrey's looking crowned and cranky in his...


And I like to imagine that young Arya Stark is plotting vengeance in hers...


View the rest of the posters over at the Game of Thrones Facebook page to get a better look at the characters for the upcoming season of the excellent fantasy series, which returns Sunday, April 6.

HBO also released this teaser, which focuses on Daenerys dragons and whether or not they can really be tamed...

And the Stark kids are the focus of "Direwolf" tease...

And if you haven't watched it already, enjoy the nearly 15-minute long "Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing" preview below:

Daenerys Targaryen Was Never a Good Character

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