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This should go without saying, but if you haven’t caught last night’s explosive episode of Game of Thrones, you should really avoid watching next week’s preview and reading about our speculation, below.

Last night’s explosive episode of Game of Thrones was a real game-changer for several of the characters. Joffrey’s murder has left a mark on society in King’s Landing, and it will take weeks to sort out the madness related to a murder at the purple wedding. For now, it looks like Cersei’s anguished and mad with grief, Tyrion’s been labeled the murderer in this who-dunnit, and Margaery has lost out on yet another title, just hours after she nabbed the new one. According to HBO’s preview for next week’s episode, “Breaker of Chains,” the series will jump right in and begin to sort out the ramifications of Joffrey’s death.

Tyrion, of course, is in prison at the start of this preview, and he’s lamenting about what he says is a frame-up job to someone who is standing outside of the range of the camera. Olenna Tyrell and Margaery are still hanging out in King’s Landing after the tumult and the calm older lady is telling the brief queen that her circumstances have “improved markedly.” In a rare moment, Margaery takes off the mask and petulantly says, “But I would have been the queen.” Back in the castle, Cersei and Jaime seem to be sharing a moment of grief, while Sansa dons a cloak and looks to be escaping the castle.

Episode 3 won’t be entirely King’s Landing-centric, however. Instead, we see Jon Snow rallying the crowes at Castle Black and Sam making an important decision about Gilly. We see Davos fighting a battle of reason with Stannis, and it’s a battle he’s been increasingly losing of late. Most importantly, we see Daenarys head to Meereen with catapults and soldiers at her disposal. I’m not sure whatever is coming next week will be able to beat the simultaneous joy and sense of disappointment that came with the destruction of everyone’s favorite villain, Joffrey, but it should be an exciting episode, nonetheless.

With expansive budgets, great graphics and a slew of interesting characters, Game of Thrones very rarely suffers from a lack of excitement during its episodes. It looks like we’ll get plenty of updates from all of the main characters next week, and with a little luck, non-book readers should be finding out how poison made it into Joffrey’s cup, quite soon. If you already read the book, you can read our speculation segment, which also happens to be rampant with spoilers. “Breaker of Chains” will air during HBO’s Sunday lineup at 9 p.m. ET.

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