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Like most early-‘80s babies, I often revel in the ironic enjoyment of shows that I unironically paid way too much attention to in my youth, with the brain-melting adventures and drama of Saved by the Bell and Full House filling up parts of my memory banks where math should be. ABC’s Boy Meets World doesn’t quite match up to the legacy of those shows, but the Matthews family and friends are still treasured by many. A new generation of youths will get to meet Cory and Topanga as parents when Disney Channel’s upcoming spinoff Girl Meets World debuts. The series’ first teaser has been released, and…

Let’s be clear on something right away. This is not a show meant for me and my kind, the people who largely gave up on Boy Meets World as soon as everyone became cheery adults, in complete opposition to the surly grown-ups we ourselves became. But I can’t let my own damaged mental state form my opinions about Girl Meets World, as I have to imagine my own father thought the original series was pure crap.

However, this promo is a probably the corniest thing I’ll see on the Internet this week. (And I promise I’ll go looking for something that beats it as soon as this story is done.) Eschewing jokes in place of warm family feel-goodery, the clip features 12-year-old Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) and her rambunctious best friend Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) trying to sneak out of a bedroom window, only to have Cory (Ben Savage) catch them as soon as the girls poke their heads outside. (Admittedly, I enjoy thinking about what Cory was doing to keep himself busy while waiting around out there.)

Cory and Riley talk about her living in his world and her making it her world, just jamming the show’s title in there in the hammiest ways. Riley then open wonders if her father would still be in her life if she made her own world. And there’s Topanga (Danielle Fishel), just standing in the doorway waiting for the chance to offer some encouraging words. The Matthews do a lot of waiting around apparently. But who am I kidding? I would probably watch this in a second, making sure to sprinkle shards of glass and lemon juice into my popcorn.

Which isn’t to say that pre-teens the world over won’t flock to this show like...whatever pre-teens flock to these days. Similar to the series that came before it, Girl Meets World will follow Riley’s journey through junior high and beyond, all while trying to figure out her place in life. She might also be wondering why her parents are still hanging around with Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), who will also appear in the show.

Girl Meets World will begin its 21-episode first season at some point this summer. You can find more info on the show's Facebook page. Assuming none of our readers are 12-year-olds, what did you guys think of the teaser?

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